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A demo for navigating the web using adaptive game controllers

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This repository contains the Gamepad Navigation Prototype, a demo for experiencing the browser and webpage navigation using a standard game controller such as Xbox gamepad. The demo stands as a low-level prototype for the main project: Using a Game Controller as a Navigation Aid. I have listed a few details about the main project as well, below in the Technologies Used section.


The prototype uses the following technologies and languages:

In this prototype, the HTML5 Gamepad API is used to establish connectivity between the browser and the gamepad. Further, it is used to read the input values passed by the various keypresses or joystick events. On top of this, JavaScript is used to implement the handlers for the key and joystick events which are needed for navigation and other background processes. Some JQuery was also used to make the event handlers more efficient.

Note: The original Gamepad project will be built using Infusion, a high performance and clean JavaScript framework that uses JQuery in its core. The solution will require using a Chrome Extension, ElectronJs or an API/Tool which will be decided during the initial stages of the project.


Below is the list of buttons with their corresponding functionalities specified along:
(Please refer to the above diagram for the below mentioned buttons and axes)

Keys Functionality Analogous Keyboard Keys
Button 0 Select or Click on the focussed element Enter
Button 1 Back or Cancel Esc
Button 5 Move the focus to next focusable element Tab
Button 4 Move the focus to previous focusable element Shift + Tab
Button 9 Reload the webpage Ctrl + R
Button 12 or
Button 14 or
Right Joystick Up
Move to previous option in the dropdown or select field
Button 13 or
Button 15 or
Right Joystick Down
Move to next option in the dropdown or select field
Left Joystick up and down Scroll vertically across the webpage and
Left Joystick left and right Scroll horizontally across the webpage and
Button 6 Move to previous page in history Alt +
Button 7 Move to next page in history Alt +
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A demo for navigating the web using adaptive game controllers


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