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Hey there 👋
I’m Divyanshu Mahajan, an Electronics and Economics undergrad at BITS Pilani. I am a Sortware Developer with a strong interest in JavaScript, React, React Native, and Flutter. I love building products that:

  • Deliver an amazing user experience.
  • Comfort the users by providing a friendly and eye-pleasing user interface.
  • Scale well while being performant.
  • Care about accessibility and inclusiveness.

JavaScript   TypeScript   ECMAScript 6   React / React Native   Node.js   Flutter   Dart   Express   jQuery   Electron   C   C++   ESLint   Prettier   CSS3   SASS   Material UI   Semantic UI   HTML5   Figma   Git   NPM   Yarn   MongoDB   Grunt   Gulp   Jest   Chai   Mocha   Handlebars   Postman  

Present Day

  • 🔭 Seeking Part-time/Freelance Opportunities.
  • 💼 Working with Schmooze as one of the founding engineers.
  • 🌱 Learning ThreeJS and exploring TypeScript.
  • 📝 Writes articles on Medium.

Let's Connect

Feel free to reach out for any exciting projects, internship opportunities or anything else you'd want to chat about.

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