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A template for textbooks in the same style as Algorithms for Optimization

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Tufte Algorithms Book Template

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This book template provides a starting point upon which authors may freely build to generate their own textbook entirely in LaTeX. We used this setup for Algorithms for Optimization, and have continued to refine it for a new textbook on decision making under uncertainty. The template allows for the direct compilation of a print-ready PDF, including support for figures, examples, and exercises.

We do all of our development in Ubuntu.

Install Julia.

Install LaTeX via texlive. We recommend this repo.

Clone the repository to a location of your choosing:

git clone https://github.com/sisl/tufte_algorithms_book.git

Initialize and update the submodules:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Compile the style:

cd style
sudo python setup.py install
cd ..

Compile the lexer:

cd lexer
sudo python setup.py install
cd ..

Install the required Julia packages. You can install it mannually, or you can use jlpkg for a pip-like experience:

jlpkg --project=@. add $(cat REQUIRE | grep -v julia)

Install pdf2svg, which is used by PGFPlots (we assume Ubuntu - other operating systems may install pdf2svg differently):

sudo apt-get install pdf2svg

Install pgfplots.

We require pythontex 0.17, which was just recently tagged. You will probably have to update your version on texlive on miktex. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of pythontex from https://github.com/gpoore/pythontex.

(Note that on arch-based systems, one should use tllocalmgr instead.)


Running make test pulls all the code and then runs all tests in juliatest blocks. See runtests.jl for details.


  • make compile compiles the whole book
  • make compile CHAPTER = 'introduction chapter2\/introduction' will comment out every include or input statement, except for chapter/introduction and chapter/chapter2/introduction where chapter can also be appendix. Requires vim to be installed.
  • make clean removes all generated files except book.pdf

If you host your project under Gitlab, .gitlab-ci.yml is a CI/CD template to start with.

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A template for textbooks in the same style as Algorithms for Optimization


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