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pcd8544 (nokia3310 etc lcd) for Arduino and the Maple

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This is a library for the lcd controller pcd8544, used in 
Nokia 3310, 5110 and probably others, for Arduino (http://www.arduino.cc/) and
The Maple (http://leaflabs.com/devices/maple/). Since the controller isn't
pixel adressable it is used most as a text display, but simple graphics is
pretty straightforward to implement.

Look at the example sketch and the header file to see how to use the routines.

Both hard and software SPI can be used to communicate with the display.
If hardware SPI is used the pins SCLK and DN(MOSI) must be on pin
13 and 11 and pin 10 must (and is) set to output on Arduino. Same pins
for SPI1 on Maple and pins 34 and 32 for SPI2 (untested).
Serial clock is 4MHz for Arduino and 4.5 for Maple (2.25 for SPI2? Fix?)

If software SPI is used you can chose any pins for the display.
The sluggish shiftOut is used for soft SPI, serial clock
is about 66kHz on Arduino and 534 kHz on Maple.

I have used it with an Arduino Duemillanove, a Maple rev.3, and 
"Graphic LCD 84x48 - Nokia 5110" from Sparkfun 

In the examples the lcd is connected as:

LCD        Arduino/Maple
8-LED      220ohm resistor to 5V or 22ohm to 3V3
7-SCLK     13 (sclk_pin)
6-DN(MOSI) 11 (sdin_pin)
5-D/C      5  (dc_pin)
4-RST      6  (reset_pin)
3-SCE      7  (cs_pin)
2-GND      GND
1-VCC      3V3 (NOT 5V!)


pcd8544 (nokia3310 etc lcd) for Arduino and the Maple


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