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An Emacs configuration for Haskell development.

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Emacs Configuration

Before Use

The configuration assumes you have installed the Haskell tool chain and Haskell Language Server binaries within your home directory's .ghcup directory. Feel free to consult the Haskell markdown documents within doc/custom for more information on how to configure Haskell IDE features within Emacs.

After confirming this, set the relevant paths to point to your .ghcup location in init.el:

;; Add .ghcup to Emacs exec-path
(setq exec-path (append exec-path '("/path/to/.ghcup/bin")))

;; Add .ghcup to environment PATH
(setenv "PATH" (concat (getenv "PATH") ":/path/to/.ghcup/bin"))

Also set a preferred email address on the following line for built-in Emacs features and packages:

;; Specify email address
(setq user-email-address "your@email.com")


  • IDE features for major languages

    • C/C++, JSON, JavaScript, etc.
  • Flycheck


  • Themes

    • iceberg-theme
    • color-theme-sanityinc-solarized
    • color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow
  • Completion

    • company
    • ivy
  • Haskell

    • haskell-mode
    • lsp-mode
    • lsp-ui
    • lsp-haskell
    • ghcide
    • gen-hie
  • Configuration

    • leaf
    • use-package
  • Terminal

    • vterm
  • File Explorer

    • neotree
  • Project Manager

    • project.el
  • Workspace Manager

    • perspective.el


Haskell Mode is a Haskell development Environment for GNU Emacs version 24.3 or later. It provides syntax-based indentation, font locking, editing cabal files, and supports running an inferior Haskell interpreter (e.g. GHCi).

Package Management

Command Description
list-packages List all packages.
package-delete Delete an installed package.
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An Emacs configuration for Haskell development.


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