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Collection of PlantUML diagrams describing Dart platform

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Dart Platform Diagrams

  • Collections of diagrams trying to describe awesome Dart platform for Mind Map oriented people
  • Diagram nodes are clickable, will bring you to related part of Dart documentation
  • Diagrams are text source based for easy modifications and embedding in your wiki, confluence, presentation etc
  • Diagrams are auto generated from text sources using PlantUML and Gravizo tools, Intellij PlantUML plugin was used for diagram creation
  • Don't hesitate to contribute, reasonable pull requests will be accepted

Deployment Overview

Dart code runs or is deployable to broad range of target environments, from mobile across web to server and even to new Fuchsia OS. Deployment

Language Beauties

Dart language sugars can bring joy to any development flavour Language beauties

Web and VM Development Workflow

Dart platform contains rich set of tools for productive development Development workflow

Web frameworks

Web developer in Dart can choose from several well supported frameworks which generally mirror JS world Web frameworks

Server side

On backend side, Dart faces tough and numerous competition. However, Dart server frameworks feel slick, elegant, comfortable Server_side