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NMSU Senior Project Spring 2018


Cyrille Gindreau
Luis M Perez
Tim Kraus
Alec Gonzales


NodeJS 8.9.4


Clone repo: git clone
Change into directory: cd seniorProject
Run setup command: npm run setup

Run Electron

install electron: npm install electron
Start server: npm run start-server
Start electron: npm run electron

Production build

To create a development build: npm run startProd - This will transpile and uglyify the project and start a server running on port 3000 To view the site, you can navigate to localhost:3000 in the web browser of your choosing.
To run the application in electron, open a new terminal and run npm run electron.

Package Project

To package the project choose one of the following:
npm run build-osx
npm run build-linux
npm run build-win32

Development build

npm run start - This will transpile the project and start a development server running on port 3000. Automatic rebuilding will also be enabled so that you don't need to retranspile the entire project on every save.


npm run test Will run all of the linters and tests that are in the test folder.
If you want to see coverage, run npm run cover. A coverage folder will be created with insights to how well your tests are preforming.


Stand in canoe taken from


License:MIT License


Language:JavaScript 90.9%Language:HTML 7.0%Language:CSS 2.1%