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HTTP Wrapper for U^2-Net (Qin et al, Pattern Recognition 2020)

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U^2-Net HTTP

This is an HTTP service wrapper of the model: U^2-Net: Going Deeper with Nested U-Structure for Salient Object Detection (Qin et al, Pattern Recognition 2020)

The deploy folder contains configuration files for deployment as serverless container with Knative.


docker run --rm -p 8080:80


curl -F "data=@test.jpg" http://localhost:8080 -o result.png


  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • Go into the cloned directory: cd u2net-http
  • Clone the official U^2-Net repository
  • Download the pretrained model u2net.pth
  • Put the file inside the U-2-Net/saved_models/u2net/ folder.

Build from source:

Option 1 - Locally with virtualenv

virtualenv venv
pip install torch==0.4.1
pip install -r requirements.txt

Option 2 - Using Docker

After you've retrieved the U^2-Net model.

Download Resnet checkpoint

curl -o resnet34-333f7ec4.pth
docker build -t u2net .
docker run --rm -p 8080:80 u2net
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HTTP Wrapper for U^2-Net (Qin et al, Pattern Recognition 2020)

License:MIT License


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