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mobile-app board game to denounce uncivilities of everyday life

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🐣 La Ferme

Mobile-app game

La Ferme is a mobile-app board game to denounce issues of everyday life.

🐀 Install

Check in both packages:

πŸ” Getting started

You can use the yarn dev command in the root folder to start everything in the same time.

πŸ“± Mobile

Use yarn as package manager. Then:


Launch the application using:

yarn dev

Or use your device as debugger using the xcworkspace

πŸš€ Server

yarn server

Server and iOS simulator should open.

πŸ“¦ Managing dependencies

To manage dependencies, please use the following command:

yarn lerna add YOUR_DEPENDENCY --scope=@la-ferme/TARGET

You should add dependency one by one until this issue has been reseolved.

Or you can add your packages using the yarn add command in the targeted package dir, but you should run lerna clean, rm -rf node_modules and yarn at root.

🏒 Workspaces

This repo is using Yarn Workspaces. Please see more here about autolinking a monorepo with yarn workspaces.

To fix simlinks we use this solution on facebook metro #1 issue.

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mobile-app board game to denounce uncivilities of everyday life

License:MIT License


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