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im2txt + pretrained models + docker = easy tryout

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im2txt + pretrained models + docker = easy tryout

This repo contains a copy of im2txt (, a suitable docker image, pretrained models (tensorflow/models#466) and some trivial shell scripts for convenience.


  • The command "git lfs pull" might respond with errors, due to the limited GitHub data quota:
batch response: This repository is over its data quota. Purchase more data packs to restore access. 

In this case you can

  • wait until next month and hope you can perform "git lfs pull" before the data limit is reached OR
  • use the following links to the pretrained models and download them manually:
  • Copy the file model.ckpt-2000000 to the folder im2txt_pretrained. It should have a size of 143 mb.

The tensorflow version is fixed to an old one (0.12). Feel free to update and create a pull request! Thanks in Advance for your help!

Getting started:

Install docker (skip if already installed)

Install git lfs (skip if already installed)

Clone this repo and pull large files (pretrained models):

git clone
cd im2txt_demo
git lfs pull

build docker image

cd im2txt_demo
make build
start container
make run
build run_inference (must be performed only once)
get caption for image
./ imgs/bikes.jpg
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im2txt + pretrained models + docker = easy tryout


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