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Fuji Uploader

Directory/File Tree

- ${ROOT}/
  - 101_FUJI/
    + DSCF1001.JPG
    + DSCF1001.RAF
    + DSCF1xxx.*
  - 102_FUJI/
    + DSCF2xxx.*
  - :
  - 109_FUJI/
    + DSCF9xxx.*
  - 110_FUJI/
    + DSCF0xxx.* <- The number returns back!

The file name DSCFxxxx.* be generated by Fuji-camera. And this system



GET /exists/<filename>

<filename> is like DSCF1002.JPG. The response is Yes with status code 200 if exists, else No with status code 404.

NOTE: This API checks whether any file with the filename exists in the latest 9,999 images. (This is because the name duplicates every 10,000 images.)


POST /upload/<filename>

POST body must be the file content.

Save the body as filename. To avoid overwrite, find (or create) the fresh directory.

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For my NAS


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