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Why? Perl 5 is a highly portable, stable and dependable technology, since a
very long time.  This is the version I use for validating my scripts for
backward compatibility.

This source tree starts with Perl v5.8.9 (perl-5.8.9.tar.gz) which was
released in 2008-12-16, according to [1].

This MUST be used only for development and validation.

There is a 'build.sh' script that uses "~/local" as prefix, it will build, test
and install there, it is trivial to customize it.

See README.orig for the original README.

- [1]: https://dev.perl.org/perl5/news/2008/perl-5.8.9.html


perl5 nacre edition



Language:Perl 43.0%Language:Roff 23.2%Language:C 19.4%Language:Shell 4.3%Language:XS 3.6%Language:C++ 1.8%Language:Emacs Lisp 1.3%Language:DIGITAL Command Language 0.8%Language:Pascal 0.6%Language:PLSQL 0.5%Language:Makefile 0.5%Language:Raku 0.4%Language:Prolog 0.3%Language:Yacc 0.1%Language:PHP 0.1%Language:Pawn 0.1%Language:Batchfile 0.0%Language:Objective-C 0.0%Language:HTML 0.0%Language:TeX 0.0%Language:Java 0.0%