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Fork of LISP9 from Nils M Holm, based on lisp9-20200220.tgz

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	This is a fork of LISP9 based on lisp9-20200220.tgz from
	https://www.t3x.org/lsi/index.html and

	The canonical source for this version is at

	This version depends on cproto, from

	Nils M Holm has many books (and code) on LISP and
	other advanced topics on https://www.t3x.org/.

	The original README follows:


	LISP9 -- an experimental LISP system
	Nils M Holm, 2018, 2019
	In the public domain.

	If your country does not have a concept like the public
	domain, the Creative Common Zero (CC0) licence applies.
	See https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/

	In order to build LISP9, an ANSI C89 / ISO C90 compiler is
	needed. In addition, the rename() system call has to be
	present, but it can be removed from the code without any
	consequences other than the RENAME function not working.

	To build the LISP9 system, run "make". Without make, run

	cc -O2 -o ls9 ls9.c
	echo '(dump-image "ls9.image")' | ./ls9 -q

	To make sure that the system works properly, run "make test"
	or "./ls9 test.ls9".

	For a summary of command line options, run "./ls9 -h".

	To build an image containing the online help system, run

	echo "(save)" | ./ls9 -l src/help.ls9

	When starting LISP9 for the next time, you can then use

	,h,t          to view the table of contents
	,h,t chapter  to view the contents of a chapter
	,h  topic     to view the section about a given topic

	To build an image containing the online help system, the
	LAM disassembler, and the pretty printer (grinder), run

	echo "(save)" | \
	     ./ls9 -l src/help.ls9 -l src/disasm.ls9 -l src/grind.ls9

	To start the interpreter in interactive mode, run


	The interpreter prompt is a single "*". Expressions typed at
	the prompt will evaluate and print their results. The most
	recently printed result will be bound to the variable **, so
	you can reuse the result without typing it, e.g.:

	* (mapcar list '(a b c) '(1 2 3))
	((a 1) (b 2) (c 3))
	* (assq 'b **)
	(b 2)

	There are a few shortcuts that work only on the REPL:

	,c command   will pass "command" to the shell
	,h topic     will display sections of the manual (see above)
	,l file      will load "file.ls9".

	To end a LISP9 session, send an EOF marker (control-D on Unix)
	to the system or enter (quit).


Fork of LISP9 from Nils M Holm, based on lisp9-20200220.tgz


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