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The Ultimate Platform for Team Building and Projects - Moralis Hackathon

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World of Hackathon Wingbirds

web3's newest trusty tool for hackthon team building.

Live demo of the project here.

Things happen. Harddrives crash. We get busy, priorities change. Technologies move forward. Teams build.

How many great projects, ideas, and team dreams die on the vine?

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We wanted to build something, a platform, a game, and a structure to attack the problem of teambuilding:

  1. minimize trust requirements
  2. increase fun and accessibility
  3. share knowledge we have experience from many hackathons
  4. an open world that can be completed quickly to act as "tutorial"
  5. a random team quick building mission, with 5 different roles.

the owl - web3 fullstack coding ninja the peacock - beautiful frontend web2 UI/UX master the eagle - team leader, can see the whole map and help anywhere the penguin - friendly support, makes sure the owl is staying alive with organization and clear missions the hummingbird? - marketing wordsmith, reads wild birds like a book, a creative pollinator

  1. team honor system, teammates honor you after a round of building, these honors earn you an NFT of the bird that suits you best


  • using git & github (eagle or owl):
  1. git checkout -b tworking
  2. make changes
  3. git add .
  4. git commit -m "blahblah"
  5. git push origin tworking
  6. git log (q to exit)
  • Install the development tools for Windows using this guide.
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The Ultimate Platform for Team Building and Projects - Moralis Hackathon


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