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Truly unique, provable Certificates for Companies and Universities

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CertDeFi Project - Smart Contracts

The frontend-repo is here:

This project takes the concept of an NTT (Non-tradeable token), focused on delivering certificates of completion for Courses, University degrees. This allows to prevent falsification and ensures persistance of the certificates on the long time, also each certificate gets asigned a random number to ensure uniquness trough Chainlink VRF.

Live Demo of the Project

Steps to Run

  1. Create a python virtualenv (the package is here).

virtualenv envName

  1. Activate the virtual-env

source envName/bin/activate

  1. Install eth-brownie

pip install eth-brownie

  1. Setup your private keys by renaming .env.example to .env and add your private keys for:

    1. Your Wallet Address.
    2. Infura if you want to test this on a Testnet like Rinkeby.
    3. Etherscan Token if you want to verify your contracts.
  2. Run the code:

brownie run scripts/

  1. Run some test:

brownie test

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Truly unique, provable Certificates for Companies and Universities


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