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Self's core, implemented with Java SE 11

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Self's Core Implementation

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Self's Core, version 0.0.36.

This repo contains the main Java SE 11 Implementation, clean of any framework.

The platform's domain model is implemented as a set of public Java Interfaces which, besides being the skeleton of the core implementation, can also be used to implement Selenium tests or implement a Java client for the RESTful API.

Once ready, this core will easily be pluggable into any framework or platform (Spring, Jakarta EE etc).


If you would like to contribute, just open an issue or a PR.

You will need Java 11. Make sure the maven build:

$mvn clean install -Pcheckstyle,itcases

passes before making a PR. Checkstyle will make sure you're following our code style and guidelines.

It's better to make changes on a separate branch (derived from master), so you won't have to cherry pick commits in case your PR is rejected.

Cash Bounties

Some of the tickets have a cash bounty assigned to them. If you want to solve a ticket and get the bounty, tell me and I'll assign it to you. You will have 10 days to provide a PR and close the ticket. Pay attention: if the 10 days pass, I might take it away from you and give it to someone else -- if this happens, you won't get any cash.

You don't have to solve the whole ticket! Many times, it will happen that the ticket requires more effort than what the bounty is worth. If this is the case, solve the ticket only partially and leave "todo" markers in the code -- these will automatically be transformed into Github Issues. However, you will have to leave the code in a consistent state, the build has to pass always.

More details here.


This product's code is open source. However, the LICENSE only allows you to read the code. Copying, downloading or forking the repo is strictly forbidden unless you are one of the project's contributors.

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Self's core, implemented with Java SE 11



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