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Solarwinds MSP Technical Exercise - ChessProject

Welcome to the technical exercise used to assess candidates for Developer roles at Solarwinds MSP.

You can carry out this exercise in your own time, in your IDE of choice.

This project will give you a chance to demonstrate your skills in a variety of different methodologies. Some of the things we think are important:

  • Clean Code
  • Unit Tests/Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Design patterns
  • Refactoring


  1. Fork the repository into your own github account
  2. Choose which language you are most comfortable completing this in - you have a choice of PHP, Java, C#
  3. Read the documentation for the project and follow the instructions
  4. Commit updated code to your repo for the project
  5. Create a pull request with your changes against our master branch
  6. Email []( ChessProject Completed) and let him know you have created the pull request

Timescales - as a rough guide please aim to get this back to us within 1 week of starting the project, but we do understand that life gets in the way sometimes!

Any questions please get in touch with Grant in the recruitment team - []( ChessProject)

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Developer interview project


Language:C# 38.8%Language:PHP 34.4%Language:Java 26.8%