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NodeJS Facebook Data Scraper

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NodeJS Facebook Data Scraper

This code allows you to gather Facebook posts, comments and reactions for any Facebook page.


  • Docker
  • Docker compose
  • Node / NPM
  • Postgres (if running locally - not via docker)


In order to use this code, you first need to create a Facebook application at: Once that is set up, you need to copy src/congig.example.js to src/config.js and set the appId and appSecret to those of your Facebook application you just set up.

Also in the src/config.js file you need to specify at least one Facebook page (id and name) that you want to gather data for. There are other settings in this file too - they are all documented in the file.

Build the node app:

To run the application locally, ensure that Postgres is running and copy .env.example to .env and update your Postgres connection settings.

Then run npm install && npm run build - this will compile the code to into the build directory.

The application should now be built and ready to run:


To run the application, run: node ./build/index.js. This command should be followed by one or more options:

  • To set up the DB schema: node ./build/index.js schema:create

  • To drop the DB schema: node ./build/index.js schema:drop

  • To gather posts for a specific page: node ./build/index.js run:posts

The following relies on posts already gathered by the run:posts command:

  • To gather comments for a posts: node ./build/index.js run:comments
  • To gather comments for a specific page's post comments: node ./build/index.js run:replies
  • To gather reactions for a specific page's posts: node ./build/index.js run:reactions

All the run: commands above require a page parameter to be set. This is passed in the form --page=facebook, e.g.:

node ./build/index.js run:posts --page=facebook

The page name is taken from the pages (name key) setting in src/config.js

To run via Docker

The Dockerfile allows you to run the code as a self contained application. This crontab file allows you periodically run the code to gather new data over time. Update this file to run specific commands for the Facebook pages you have set up in src/config.js.

To build the docker container for the node app, as well as run both this container and a postgres container, simply run:


This will run npm install and npm run build:prod as well as setting up supervisord to keep the container alive between cron jobs.


NodeJS Facebook Data Scraper


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