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Keele university SCM module evaluation application

This application builds assets for a simple module evaluation (e.g. attainment histograms, student feedback histograms etc) and presents them as a HTML webpage.


This application runs in a docker environment, therefore you only need a recent version of docker to run it.

Download and install docker if you haven't already:

Make sure you are signed into docker hub using a Docker ID (you may need to set this up if you haven't already got one) via the docker control panel.

You will also need make in order to run the simple make commands provided.


To intall the docker environment and all the required dependecies of the project, simply run:

make install

Generating the module evaluation assets

For this to do anything useful, you must drop some files into data/raw/modules in order for the script to generate assets for them. The format for the file structure should be:


This command will generate all the assets required to be displayed on the webpage:


Once complete, the JSON and images will be located in data/generated

Generating the web page with bundled assets

To build a distributable production directory containing the web page and assets, run:


Once complete, the html, javscript, css and assets will be located in web/dist

Serve the webpage

To serve the resulting web package, run:

make web.serve

Now go to localhost in your browser to see the resulting web page.


Running Jupyter notebook

To fiddle around with the stats/assets that are produced for the module evaluation you may run the provided jupyter notebook using the command:

make analysis.develop

Follow the link provided on the command line to open jupyter lab in your browser.

Any changes you make here that you want to keep will need to modified in analysis/ also

Running the environment for webpage/bundle development

To change the code for displaying the webpage and building the resulting bundle, run the command:

make web.develop

The development server will run at localhost:1234



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