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Odoo + Traefik (Replacing the Nginx proxy with advantages)

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Odoo + Traefik (replacing the Nginx reverse proxy)

Important note

The docker image wbsouza/odoo:11.0 contains everything to run Odoo (including the PostgreSQL). It's not recommended to run this image in production, it was build only for test purpose, to demonstrate a potential inconsistence using Traefik as a proxy for Odoo. Feel free to customize or make your own Odoo image, the source code of the image is available on

*** The database is going to be re-created if you remove the file volumes/odoo/conf/.initialized. ***

Initial setup

  1. Access your domain provider and add the following entries to your domain (A or CNAME)
  1. Create a bridge network to be used by the containers
  • docker create network web
  1. Copy the file .env.sample to .env and change the domain name and the email for the LetsEncript certificate

  2. Execute docker-compose up

  3. Login with the default credentials (admin/admin)

  4. Install the CRM module (or any other backend module)

  5. Stop the odoo container docker stop odoo

  6. Change the configuration file volumes/odoo/conf/odoo.conf append the following parameters in the end of the file:

proxy_mode = True
workers = 4
  1. Login again with the default credentials

  2. Check the log files as well the browser looking for JavaScript errors, it should be working without any problem

Throubleshooting (knowed issue)

  1. If you want create volumes like in the odoo.conf.sample file, make sure to give the right permissions or change the owner in the host filesystem volumes, because the container will run with an unprivileged user (odoo, UID=9100, GID=9100).

chown -fR '9100:9100' volumes/odoo


Odoo + Traefik (Replacing the Nginx proxy with advantages)

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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