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The modern video player for macOS.

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IINA is a modern video player for macOS.
Published under GPLv3.



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When raising an issue, please use English if possible.

在提 issue 时,请尽量使用英文


  • Based on mpv, a powerful media player
  • Designed for modern macOS (10.10+)
  • User-friendly interface
  • All the features you need for videos, audios and subtitles
  • Supported basic playlist and chapters
  • MPV config files and script system are available for advanced users
  • Written in Swift, followed up on new technologies like Touch Bar
  • Still in active development


Use pre-compiled dylibs

  1. Please make sure CocoaPods is installed.


sudo gem install cocoapods


brew install cocoapods
  1. Run pod install in project root directory.
pod install
  1. Open .xcworkspace file.

Theoretically no extra work is needed. If you are unwilling to use the provided dylibs, follow the instructions below.

Build with the lastest mpv

  • Install mpv

    brew install mpv --with-uchardet

    Feel free to include any other libraries if you like.

  • Copy latest header files into libmpv/include/mpv/

  • other/parse_doc.rb

    This script will fetch the lastest mpv documentation and generate MPVOption.swift, MPVCommand.swift and MPVProperty.swift. This is only needed when updating libmpv. Note that if the API changes, the player source code may also need to be changed.

  • other/change_lib_dependencies.rb

    This script will deploy the depended libraries into libmpv/libs. Make sure you have a phase copying of all these dylibs in Xcode's build settings.


Please read before opening an issue or pull request.

Please ask for permission from the author before staring working on a pull request to make sure that there's not someone else working on the same feature.

Any feedback is appreciated! You can

  • Star it or fork it
  • Download and test it
  • Send bug reports
  • Send feature requests
  • Provide suggestions on code structures or UI designs
  • Provide localizatons
  • ...


The modern video player for macOS.

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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