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YourView is a desktop App in MacOS based on Apple SceneKit. You may use it to view iOS App's view hierarchy 3D.

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YourView is a desktop App in MacOS. You can use it to view iOS App's view hierarchy. I think it could be a basic project in app view visualization. Depend on it, you may do your add-on functions's development such as visual tracking like mixpanel, iOS reverse tool just like reveal, frida, even though, you can develop android studio plugin for view debugging. Now I treat it as a iOS reverse tool. Now it is a version of 0.1, I will maintain continuedly.

Quick Start

  • Open YourView/iOS/TalkingDataSDKDemo/TalkingDataSDKDemo.xcodeproj. It's a demo project with the libyourview source code as framework in it. Build and Run,keep the demo app in foreground.

  • Open YourView/MacOS/YourView/YourView.xcodeproj.Build and Run.

  • Input IP(only ip,without port and scheme) address ,click connect

  • Enjoy it!


Camera control:

Search and Live edit


  • Now the libyourview.framework is build as a static libiary. If you want to get a dynamic libiary,you must change the mach-o type in the project settings and build it by yourself.
  • You don't need write any code. Once the framework is loaded,it will start a server automatily
  • The iOS UIView serilization operation will block the main thread.It maybe faster in Simulator than iOS devices.


  • Auto network scan using bonjour service like reveal.
  • Make the right panel powerful. Now it is hard coded.Make it dynamic,more functions in Object explore just like flex.
  • Add the the layout,gesture,viewController infomation to the left tree,just like reveal or Xcode.
  • User experience improvment.
  • Art works.
  • Script editor and inject support,such as JSPatch.
  • bug fix.

Explore others App

  • Build this project as a dynamic lib and inject the dynamic lib into others app by using MonkeyDev,IPAPatch,etc. Do it yourself.


swisspol/GCDWebServer This project provide a good http service in iOS App.




GCDWebServer license

Copyright (c) 2015-present, TalkingData


YourView is a desktop App in MacOS based on Apple SceneKit. You may use it to view iOS App's view hierarchy 3D.



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