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💻 Cross-platform snippet/note manager based on GitHub Gist.

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Lepton is a lean GitHub Gist Desktop Client based on Electron. Checkout the latest release.

  • Group your gists by languages
  • Create/Edit/Delete gists
  • Instant search
  • Custom tags
  • Markdown rendering
  • Cross-platform support


Organize Markdown Rendering Immersive Mode (⌘/Ctrl + i)
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Search (⇧ + Space) Custom Tags GitHub Login
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Based on

Based on

  1. Framework: Electron
  2. Bundler: Webpack, Babel, electron-builder
  3. Language: ES2015, Sass
  4. Library: React, Redux, Redux Thunk, Redux Form
  5. Lint: ESLint



Only tested with Node.js v6.9.x

Clone the repository.

$ git clone

Install the dependencies.

$ cd Lepton && npm i

Client ID/Secret

Register your application, and put your client id and client secret in ./configs/account.js.

module.exports = {
  client_id: <your_client_id>,
  client_secret: <your_client_secret>


$ npm run pack
$ npm run start

Build Installer App

Read electron-builder docs and checkout Code Signing before building the installer app.

Build app for macOS.

$ npm run dist -- -m

Build app for Windows.

$ npm run dist -- -w

Build app for Linux.

$ npm run dist -- -l

Build app for macOS, Windows and Linux.

$ npm run dist -- -wml

Build app for the current OS with the current arch.

$ npm run dist


Why is my gist's language classified as "Other"?

Lepton depends on GitHub API to detect the language. If this fails, you can still put // vim: syntax=<your_language> at the top of the gist to specify the language.

// vim: syntax=javascript
let test = 'This is a javascript file'

Why I can't search the gists' content?

Currently, Lepton only supports the search for the gist's description field. This is limited by GitHub's API support.

How to specify the title and tags for my gist?

[title] description #tag1 #tag2

How to provide feedback?

Please submit an issue ticket in the GitHub Issue page. Or, if you like, send a pull request.



MIT © hackjutsu


💻 Cross-platform snippet/note manager based on GitHub Gist.

License:MIT License


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