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Sketch frontend coding test


To download dependencies



Once you got it all installed, just run

yarn start

Now you can browse the app at http://localhost:3000/sketch/


Once you create a new graphql query/mutation, you can genarate the typescript types automatically

yarn types


Running this will create a folder called dist containing the whole website

yarn build

Possible improvements

I wasn't able to make vite import svg files as React component. Making that work would make use of browser cache for svg files

I have used react-swipeable-views to provide the artwork page the slide gesture in mobile screens. But it makes use of UNSAFE react methods, so removing that dependencies and add the gesture another way would benefit the app.

Increase code coverage

The app was deployed to https://cescoferraro.github.io/sketch, but the API fails because of CORS issues. Fix this would be good as well.



Language:TypeScript 86.6%Language:JavaScript 5.2%Language:CSS 4.7%Language:HTML 1.7%Language:Shell 1.7%