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Test runner for the Atom Editor.

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Tester is a test runner for the hackable Atom Editor. Additionally, you need to install a specific tester provider for your test framework. You will find a full list below in the Known provider section.


Base Features

  • IDE based Feedback

    • Gutter test result markers


    • In-line error messages


    • Console test output


    • Test result view


  • Session based test watching

    • Test file on open
    • Test file after save
    • Test project
  • Supported test frameworks (for now):

How to / Installation

You can install through the CLI by doing:

$ apm install tester

Or you can install from Settings view by searching for Tester.

Known providers

Tester API


Declare the provider callback in the package.json.

"providedServices": {
  "tester": {
    "versions": {
      "1.0.0": "provideTester"

Define the provider callback in lib/main.js.

export function provideTester() {
  return {
    name: 'tester-name',
    options: {},
    scopes: ['**/test/*.js', '**/*spec.js'],
    test(textEditor/* or null to run project tests*/, additionalArgs/* from results views*/) {
      // Note, a Promise may be returned as well!
      return {
        messages: [
            duration: 1, // duration in ms
            error: {
              name: 'optional error object',
              message: 'something went wrong',
              actual: 'optional actual result', // can be an object
              expected: 'optional expected result', // can be an object
              operator: 'optional operator',
            filePath: 'file path to highlight',
            lineNumber: 1, // line number to highlight
            state: 'failed', // 'passed' | 'failed' | 'skipped',
            title: 'some test title',
        output: 'tester console output'
    stop() {
      // stop tester if needed


I'd like to give a shout out to Wallaby.js, which is a significantly more comprehensive and covers a lot more editors, if this extension interests you - check out that too.


Stick to imposed code style:

  • $ npm install
  • $ npm test


  • add unknown status for test which not ran
  • replace all views with react components (etch)
  • add table view with results similar to nuclide diagnostics
    • sort data by column head click
    • quick set additional args for test runner
    • merge results from each test runner
    • re-sizable columns
    • side by side diff view for expectations
    • go to next/previous test commands
  • add run all project tests command
  • implement Redux and redux-observable for result view
  • serialization
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Test runner for the Atom Editor.

License:MIT License


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