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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Usage
  3. Versioning
  4. Rdocs
  5. Contributing


Scooter is a ruby gem developed by Puppet to facilitate http traffic between the test runner and a Puppet Enterprise Installation. This includes the classifier, rbac, activity service, code manager, orchestrator, and puppetdb.


To install Scooter, simply use the gem command:

$ gem install scooter

Scooter is currently divvied into the following sections:

  • HttpDispatchers – These are modules that can be mixed into classes that represent real users: whitelisted certificate users, local console users, or users connected through an LDAP directory. Check out HttpDispatchers for a list of the modules currently supported.

  • LDAPdispatcher – This class extends the Net::LDAP library, which is a requirement to for RBAC testing with LDAP fixtures.

  • Utilities – Currently, this houses random string generators and convenience methods to use beaker to acquire certificates to impersonate whitelisted certificate users.

Running the tests

bundle exec rake test


Scooter's development began with Puppet Enterprise 3.7, but that was only available for internal testing at that time; Scooter is open-sourced and available on at version 4.x to support the LTS version of Puppet Enterprise, 2016.4.0.


Please view the RubyDocs for further documentation.


Scooter is very closely related to Beaker; if you wish to contribute to this project, please follow the outline there for contributing to this repo.




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