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Execute commands remotely over SSH and WinRM

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Bolt is a Ruby command-line tool for executing commands, scripts, and tasks on remote systems using SSH and WinRM.

  • Executes commands on remote *nix and Windows systems.
  • Distributes and execute scripts, such as Bash, PowerShell, Python.
  • Scales to more than 1000 concurrent connections.
  • Supports industry standard protocols (SSH/SCP, WinRM/PSRP) and authentication methods (password, publickey).

For a step-by-step introduction to Bolt, see our hands-on-lab.

Additionally the Bolt project includes:

  • bolt-server, an experimental HTTP API for executing tasks over SSH and WinRM.
  • bolt-inventory-pdb, a command-line tool for generating an inventory file from a template containing PuppetDB queries.

Installing bolt from a gem is not recommended since core modules will not be available. Please install bolt as a package

Supported platforms

  • Linux, OSX, Windows
  • Ruby 2.3+

For complete usage and installation details, see the Puppet Bolt docs.

For contributing information, including alternate installation methods and running from source code, see

Getting Help


Thank you to Marcin Bunsch for allowing Puppet to use the bolt gem name.


We welcome error reports and pull requests to Bolt. See for how to help.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the Apache 2.0.


Execute commands remotely over SSH and WinRM

License:Apache License 2.0


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