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Emacs configuration for cross-platform.

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This is NOT a part of GNU Emacs but a personal-daily-use configuration maintained by © Cabins from China.

Dev Code

噪鹃, English name? No, just Chinese 噪鹃.


  1. Works on Windows & macOS & GNU/Linux & Android (By termux)
  2. Lightweight
  3. Only latest version of Emacs (current is 28) is supported


By Eglot (default) / lsp-mode.

All you need to do is install the specific server and put it into the PATH environment variable. The supported servers are listed in Eglot / lsp-mode repo.

Solution for jdtls on Windows issue: put the bin/jdtls.bat into the server/bin folder.


  1. Just run the code below:
git clone ~/.emacs.d
  1. Launch Emacs.
  2. Enjoy the life.


Emacs configuration for cross-platform.


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