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Bazel rules for generating Xcode projects.

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This repository contains rules for Bazel that can be used to generate Xcode projects from targets in your workspace.

If you run into any problems with these rules, please check our FAQ, check if another issue already exists and comment on it, or file a new issue!


  • Multiple ways of building your project in Xcode
    • Build your Bazel targets with Xcode, not Bazel (a.k.a. Build with Xcode or BwX mode)
    • Build your Bazel targets with Bazel (a.k.a Build with Bazel or BwB mode)
  • Full support for Xcode features:
    • Indexing (i.e. autocomplete, syntax highlighting, jump to definition)
    • Debugging
    • Runtime sanitizers
    • Inline warnings and errors
    • Fix-its (currently only BwX)
    • Test selection and running
    • Embedded Targets (App Clips, App Extensions, and Watch Apps)
    • Dynamic frameworks
    • SwiftUI Previews
  • Focused Projects
    • Include a subset of your targets in Xcode
    • Unfocused targets are built with Bazel
    • Works in BwX mode as well!

Note: Not all rules are supported yet, and the rules that are supported don't have full support yet. See the 1.0 Project for details on progress towards the 1.0 release. Here are a few of the remaining planned high level features:

We've also documented the high level design of the rules.

Projects using rules_xcodeproj

If you are also using rules_xcodeproj for your project, feel free to open a PR to include it in the list above.


  • macOS 12.0-13.1
  • Xcode 13.0-14.2
  • Bazel 5.3.0-6.0.0
  • rules_swift 1.0.0-1.4.0
  • rules_apple 1.0.1-2.0.0

More versions of these tools and rulesets might be supported, but these are the ones we've officially tested with.


From the release you wish to use, copy the WORKSPACE snippet into your WORKSPACE file.


Please see the documentation in the docs directory and examples in the examples directory.

Simple iOS example

Given a root level BUILD file:

load("@build_bazel_rules_swift//swift:swift.bzl", "swift_library")

    name = "xcodeproj",
    project_name = "App",
    tags = ["manual"],
    top_level_targets = [
        top_level_target(":App", target_environments = ["device", "simulator"]),

    name = "App",
    bundle_id = "",
    families = ["iphone", "ipad"],
    infoplists = [":Info.plist"],
    minimum_os_version = "15.0",
    deps = [":Lib"],

    name = "Lib",
    srcs = glob(["src/*.swift"]),

    name = "Tests",
    bundle_id = "com.example.tests",
    minimum_os_version = "15.0",
    test_host = "//App",
    visibility = ["//visibility:public"],
    deps = [":TestLib"],

    name = "TestLib",
    srcs = glob(["test/*.swift"]),

You can then create the Xcode project with:

bazel run //:xcodeproj

The generated project will be in the workspace next to the BUILD file at App.xcodeproj.


Bazel rules for generating Xcode projects.

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