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Tool I use to take meeting notes

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Remind is a quick tool to easily take and manage meeting notes.

If there is a Git installation available on in the $PATH, then remind will attempt to enable Git support. It does not use a wrapper like libgit2, it shells out to the system Git installation. The Git support allows remind to commit notes after they are written edited and remove them from the repository when they are deleted.


At the moment, this is simply a single Python script. It requires Python 3 to work, but that's about it. Put it somewhere in the $PATH.


Right now there are three environment variables that are read by remind:

  • REMIND_GIT_DISABLE: If set, disable Git support.
  • REMIND_NOTES_DIR: If set, use this as the top-level directory for notes.
  • EDITOR: Standard environment variable that stores the command to run for the users preferred editor.

There is also a script in the shell directory called fremind. This is a script that uses fzf, to provide a nice interface to the tool.



  • Create a new note, and optionally track it in Git:

    remind new <note name>
  • Edit a note, and optionally commit the edit:

    remind edit <note name>
  • Delete a note, and optionally remove it from Git tracking:

    remind delete <note name>
  • List all notes:

    remind list

    The notes are organized by date, to only list names:

    remind list --name-only

    To show extra Git information, use --decorate:

    remind list --decorate
    remind list --decorate --name-only

    If Git is disabled, or no Git is available, then output will be as if --decorate had not been specified at all.

  • Find the full path to a note:

    remind find <note name>


By default, running fremind will bring up a list of the named notes that is searchable using the fuzzy finding facilities provided by fzf. Optionally, a starting query can be provided as an argument to fremind to narrow down the notes selection.

Hitting enter on a note will run remind edit, and hitting the delete key on a note will run remind delete. The user will be prompted before deletion for safety.


A completion script is available in shell/completion that can be used with zsh to provide autocompletion.

Download the shell/completion/remind.zsh script and source it in your ~/.zshrc.


Tool I use to take meeting notes


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