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Dynamic Action Fields for Laravel Nova

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Dynamic Action Fields for Laravel Nova

This package allows you to change the fields of a Laravel Nova Action depending on which resources are selected.

This is experimental, proceed at your own risk


Screenshot of Dynamic Action Fields


composer require tunezilla/dynamic-action-fields


  1. Add the DynamicFieldAction trait to your resource

  2. Change your public function fields() to public function fieldsForModels(Collection $models): array



namespace App\Nova\Actions;

use App\User;
use Illuminate\Support\Collection;
use Laravel\Nova\Actions\Action;
use Laravel\Nova\Fields\ActionFields;
use Laravel\Nova\Fields\Boolean;
use Laravel\Nova\Fields\Hidden;
use Laravel\Nova\Fields\Text;
use TuneZilla\DynamicActionFields\DynamicFieldAction;

 * Class ChangeEmail
 * @package App\Nova\Actions
 * Example usecase of tunezilla/dynamic-action-fields
class ChangeEmail extends Action
    use DynamicFieldAction;

    public function fieldsForModels(Collection $models): array
        if ($models->isEmpty()) {
            return [];

        /** @var User $user */
        $user = $models->first();

        return [
                ->help('The new email for ' . $user->name),
                ? Boolean::make('Require Verification')
                    ->help('Send a verification email that they must accept')
                : Hidden::make('Require Verification'),

    public function handle(ActionFields $fields, Collection $models)
        /** @var User $user */
        $user = $models->first();
        $user->email = $fields->get('email');

        if ($fields->get('require_verification')) {
            $user->email_verified_at = null;


        if (!$user->hasVerifiedEmail()) {

        return Action::message(implode(' ', [
            'Changed email to ' . $fields->get('email'),
                ? 'and sent a verification email'
                : 'but did not send a verification email'


Dynamic Action Fields for Laravel Nova

License:MIT License


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