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ℹ️ About

Galerie is a NFT Marketplace that enables the creation, sale, and purchase of digital art as NFTs.

🖼️ Preview

Check out how it looks:

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ℹ️ Architecture and Client-side Flow



⚙️ Built With

This project was developed with the following technologies:

Frontend React + JavaScript

Backend Express

Blockchain and Smart Contracts Solidity

🕹️ How to Use


To run the application you'll need:

Now go to project folder and run:

$ cd NFT-Marketplace

# install the dependencies
$ yarn

# run ganache
$ ganache-cli

# deploy de contracts on the blockchain
$ truffle migrate

# run the client-side
$ cd client
$ yarn
$ yarn start

# run the backend
$ cd backend
$ yarn
$ yarn start


There are some things to be done in the project:

  • State persistence;
  • Revise front-end call to the buy and sell functions on the blockchain;
  • Error handling;
  • NFT cards to reflect the true information of price coming from the blockchain.

📃 License

This project is under the MIT license. See the LICENSE for more information.

📬 Get in touch!

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License:MIT License


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