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Local docker images, based on zmk-docker

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Zephyr Docker

Dev Container

Optimized Docker images, originally based on zmk-docker.

Note 1. Currently only supports local development. CI integration planned for the future.

Note 2. Supports Zephyr SDK 0.14.2 and later.

Important build arguments

  • ARCHITECTURE - Architecture for the docker container. Not to be confused with target architecture.
  • ZEPHYR_SDK_VERSION - SDK version. Must be 0.14.1 or later.
  • ZEPHYR_VERSION - Zephyr version. Can be a tag or branch, including main
  • TOOLCHAIN - target toolchain.

If some or none of the arguments are missing the build will default to the latest stable version.

Building with Docker CLI

To build an image for v3.0.0 and Arm Cortex-M targets:

docker build --build-arg ARCHITECTURE=x86_64 --build-arg ZEPHYR_SDK_VERSION=0.14.2 --build-arg ZEPHYR_VERSION=v3.0.0 --build-arg TOOLCHAIN=arm-zephyr-eabi -t zephyr:v3.0.0-arm .

To build an image for main that supports every target:

docker build --build-arg ARCHITECTURE=x86_64 --build-arg ZEPHYR_SDK_VERSION=0.14.2 --build-arg ZEPHYR_VERSION=main --build-arg TOOLCHAIN=all -t zephyr:x86_64_0.14.1_main_all .

This follows a tagging convention of ARCHITECTURE_ZEPHYR_SDK_VERSION_ZEPHYR_VERSION_TOOLCHAIN. It will be a large image since it pulls in every toolchain (~6GB.)


Local docker images, based on zmk-docker

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