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Python API for Yale Access (formerly August) Smart Lock and Doorbell

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Python API for Yale Access (formerly August) Smart Lock and Doorbell. This is used in Home Assistant but should be generic enough that can be used elsewhere.

Yale Access formerly August

This library is a fork of Joe Lu's excellent august library from



Authenticator is responsible for all authentication related logic, this includes authentication and verifying the account belongs to the user by sending a verification code to email or phone.


Argument Description
api See Api class.
login_method Login method, either "phone" or "email".
username If you're login_method is phone, then this is your full phone# including "+" and country code; otherwise enter your email address here.
password Password.
install_id* ID that's generated when Yale Access app is installed. If not specified, Authenticator will auto-generate one. If an install_id is provisioned, then it's good to provide the provisioned install_id as you'll bypass verification process.
access_token_cache_file* Path to access_token cache file. If specified, access_token info will be cached in the file. Subsequent authentication will utilize information in the file to determine correct authentication state.

* means optional



Authenticates using specified login_method, username and password.

Outcome of this method is an Authentication object. Use Authentication.state figure out authentication state. User is authenticated only if Authentication.state = AuthenticationState.AUTHENTICATED.

If an authenticated access_token is already in the access_token_cache_file, this method will return cached authentication.


Sends a 6-digits verification code to phone or email depending on login_method.


Validates verification code. This method returns ValidationResult. Check the value to see if verification code is valid or not.


pip install yalexs


from yalexs.api import Api
from yalexs.authenticator import Authenticator, AuthenticationState

api = Api(timeout=20)
authenticator = Authenticator(api, "phone", "YOUR_USERNAME", "YOUR_PASSWORD",

authentication = authenticator.authenticate()

# You'll need to call different methods to finish authentication process, see below
state = authentication.state

# If AuthenticationState is BAD_PASSWORD, that means your login_method, username and password do not match

# If AuthenticationState is AUTHENTICATED, that means you're authenticated already. If you specify "access_token_cache_file", the authentication is cached in a file. Every time you try to authenticate again, it'll read from that file and if you're authenticated already, Authenticator won't call Yale Access again as you have a valid access_token

# If AuthenticationState is REQUIRES_VALIDATION, then you'll need to go through verification process
# send_verification_code() will send a code to either your phone or email depending on login_method
# Wait for your code and pass it in to validate_verification_code()
validation_result = authenticator.validate_verification_code(123456)
# If ValidationResult is INVALID_VERIFICATION_CODE, then you'll need to either enter correct one or resend by calling send_verification_code() again
# If ValidationResult is VALIDATED, then you'll need to call authenticate() again to finish authentication process
authentication = authenticator.authenticate()

# Once you have authenticated and validated you can use the access token to make API calls
locks = api.get_locks(authentication.access_token)


Python API for Yale Access (formerly August) Smart Lock and Doorbell

License:MIT License


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