bcmpinc / travian-timeline-script

A greasemonkey script that improves the user-interface of both Travian and Imperion.

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Travian/Imperion Time Line

A greasemonkey script that improves the Travian and Imperion user-interfaces.

This script improves the information provided by Travian or Imperion. For example: by adding a timeline that shows different events like completion of build tasks and the arrival of armies. It does this by modify the html of the page.

This script is completely passive, so it does not click links automatically or send http requests. This means that for certain data to be collected you have to read your reports and watch your ally page and allies profiles.


The easiest way to install and use this script is going to: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/38650

However, for development this is not an option. In this case, create a git clone of the repository. The script can be installed by loading the travian_time_line.user.js file in firefox. This will install the script, which will create a copy of your checkout. To make greasemonkey use your working copy, remove the folder ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/gm_scripts/travian_time_line and replace it with a symlink to your working copy.

If your operating system does not support symlinks, move your git clone instead and create a shortcut to your git clone for easy access. In this case you must rename your git clone's folder name to travian_time_line.

Once you've done this, any change to the script will be applied when you (re)load the travian webpage.


The conv.pl script can be used to concatenate the required script files, compact these script files and remove code specific to a different game. What is filtered is defined in the *_time_line.user.js file using a simple boolean assignment. The @require-lines and the boolean assignment lines will be removed from the resulting script.

Code specific for one of the games can be included between if statements: if (travian) { ... } if (imperion) { ... }. The brackets are mandatory. Also the if statments can not be used in conjunction with else. For game specific variables, use (travian?'red':'green'). The surrounding parens are mandatory. These ternary operator constructions can be nested. It is not possible to use boolean operators: if (travian || imperion) {} can not be handled.


A greasemonkey script that improves the user-interface of both Travian and Imperion.



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