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Airwindows, Consolidated into a single Library, Rack Plugin and DAW Plugin

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All the Airwindows Consolidated

It's all the airwindows presented in three lovely flavors

The Airwindows Module in Dark Mode

The Airwindows CLAP in Bitwig Studio

  1. As a static library with a uniform registry and access pattern for you to use as a submodule to expose the airwindows
  2. As module for VCV Rack in the Rack library or as a Rack nightly build. Read the manual here.
  3. As a CLAP/VST3/AU/LV2/Standalone plugin for your DAW. Read the manual here.

Have fun! If you are a user the above links are everything you need. If you are a dev read on!

The Library Version

The target airwin-registry builds a static library for you containing all of the airwindows under a uniform api. Documenting this is still a todo, but if you link this target, it will automatically populate the datastructures soAirwinRegistry.h does what you would expect, which is give you a map to create airwin2rackbase operator objects.

Have a question? Open an issue!

The Rack Plugin

We are using @qno's excellent cmake SDK. This means the makefile works like any other rack project.

But if you pull and want to clean build, make sure to run both the clean and cleandep targets to rebuild fully.

The JUCE plugin

Assuming you have git and a compiler and cmake working, the build is easy. If you are on unix install these packages or their equivalent. Then clone the repo and execute the following.

Our nightly builds build 64 bit ubuntu x64, mac universal, and win x64, but should build anywhere. We know it builds on linux ARM for instance. If you are doing a build on an odd system and find a gotcha send us a PR.

cmake -Bignore/daw-plugin -DBUILD_JUCE_PLUGIN=TRUE -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
cmake --build ignore/daw-plugin --target awcons-products

Updating the airwindows sub-library

To update the airwindows library

  1. Pull to the latest airwindows plugins
  1. Do a test build
RACK_DIR=(path-to-sdk) make -j cleandep
RACK_DIR=(path-to-sdk) make -j clean
RACK_DIR=(path-to-sdk) make -j install
  1. Commit src libs and the infile and push to github

A note on licensing

Airwindows is MIT licensed and the source code here is also. For avoidance of doubt, all code and content in src, in libs/airwindows and in res/awdoc is freely available, under the MIT license, and fine to use in closed source code. This means you can just link the airwin-registry cmake target, use AirwinRegistry.h and do what you want.

But a combined work with JUCE and the VST3 SDK (for the DAW plugin) and with the VCV Rack SDK (for the Rack plugin) brings in GPL3 and GPL3+ dependencies. So even though the code in src-juce and src-rack is MIT licensed code, building a distributable product with those source files may result in your including GPL3 assets.

Still unsure what you can use in a closed source environment? The answer is basicaly AirwinRegistry.h and its dependencies, the cmake target airwin-registry, the documentation in res/awdoc, the top level CMakeLists.txt and everyting in src.

Still unclear? Open an issue with your particular situation and explain it.

The clipper airwindows graphic is freely distributed by airwindows

the jakarta and fira mono font are both openSIL


Airwindows, Consolidated into a single Library, Rack Plugin and DAW Plugin

License:MIT License


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