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Sublime Text 3 package (plugin) to close old and unused tabs

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#Less Tabs for sublime text 3

Are you tired of closing tabs manually ?

Do you want to close all old tabs with one command ?

After installing the plugin, press ctrl + alt + c and all the tabs that wasn't modified in the last 30 minutes (customize from settings) will be closed.

Files with unsaved changes will not be closed.

Files that were visited in the last minute will not be closed. (customize from settings)


Now available through Package Control!

The easiest method is through Package Control. Open the command palette with CtrlShiftP (Windows/Linux) or ShiftP (OSX) and type pci or packconin or whatever you like to get Package Control: Install showing. Click or hit Enter, type in less or less tabs ... and then hit Enter.

Manual install

Clone or download this repo to your Packages folder.

To easily open Packages folder, open sublime text then open the following menu Preferences -> Browse Packages....

You can always clone the repo with git

git clone git://github.com/webArtisan/lessTabs.git


The default shortcut for closing tabs using lessTabs plugin is ctrl + alt + c.

There is also a command in the command palette Less tabs: close old tabs

##Stay tuned

I'm working on another package called moreTabs, that will help you open closed tabs in a much easier way.

##Credit I got the idea at the first place from this plugin TidyTabs https://github.com/bradleyboy/TidyTabs-Sublime.

His plugin isn't sublime text 3 compatible so i made this one.

##License Licence Creative Commons

© 2012-2013 webArtisan web.artisan89@gmail.com.

This is free software. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to use this theme in your own work. However, if you modify and/or redistribute it, please attribute me in some way, and distribute your work under this or a similar license. A shout-out would be appreciated.

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Sublime Text 3 package (plugin) to close old and unused tabs


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