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Wows when you type

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Wows when you type.

A collaboration between Me, Alok Hota, Tanner Hobson and Natalie Bogda.

This is a fork of linux-clicky Flattr this git repo


Run the file and it will automaticly detect your keyboards and start clickytty click.

Because of the way the script detects the keypresses (by tying itself to the event file in Linux, just like a keylogger would do) it requires root access

If you are worried about malicious code, the script is pretty small you can easily read it in five minutes, so feel free to.


  • Linux (tested under Ubuntu 12.04)
  • Python (tested under 2.7.3)
  • SoX (in debian based systems install by typing "sudo apt-get install sox");


The code is under the supplied MIT license, therefore it's completely open source. (by Micah Dowty is included under the terms of the GPLv2. Thanks to Micah Dowty for writing this module since without it this script would not be possible, or at least not as easy to code.


Wows when you type

License:MIT License


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