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Zulip mobile app using React Native

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Zulip Mobile

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Zulip Mobile is the official mobile Zulip client supporting both iOS and Android, written in JavaScript with React Native. It supersedes our two native apps zulip-ios and zulip-android.

Production versions of the app are available here:

If you want to become a Beta tester:

All contributors to our previous projects, as well as newcomers, are welcome to contribute. If you are current Android contributor, read more about our plans for Zulip on Android.


For more information about contributing PRs and issues, see our Contribution Guidelines.

Issues tagged help wanted are a great starting point for PRs.

We encourage the community to ask and answer questions in our Zulip stream


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The software includes some works released by third parties under other free and open source licenses. Those works are redistributed under the license terms under which the works were received.


Zulip mobile app using React Native

License:Apache License 2.0


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