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A Beginner Focused Open Source Book on React Native

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React Native Primer

A short and sweet (FOSS, WIP) intro to React Native, the awesome cross-platform mobile app development framework from Facebook.

This books is intended for beginners who are new to native Mobile Development, React and even Javascript. The only requirement is that you know how to program in any one language and have access to a computer (obviously).

End Goals - Start with the end in mind

  • Learn how to navigate safely through the Javascript forest
  • Learn how to React
  • Learn how to React Natively ;D
  • Convert any idea you have to a working, polished mobile app
  • How to Google correctly and get unstuck on your own

The book follows a project based approach, every concept is introduced in the context of a project so it's theory and implementation doesn't have a long distance relationship.


Hey I'm Aswin Mohan, come say hi :D


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The book is open source and free (always will be). All Contributions are welcome, let's together make the defacto guide to React Native.


A Beginner Focused Open Source Book on React Native