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Content designed to increase developer happiness 😁 and productivity 🚀.

Project Tour

The monorepo is organized into five sub-projects.

  1. hugo - Static Site Generator. This is where the content lives
  2. design - Theme & CSS
  3. components - Angular Elements Web Components
  4. functions - Firebase Cloud Functions Serverless Backend
  5. cypress - End-to-End & Integration Specs


Edit and fix the site's content in hugo/content/. Feel free to submit PRs for small issues. For large issues or features open an issue first.

Option 1 - Simple Typo Fixes

For small issues, like a typo or broken link, use Github's inline file editor to make the fix and submit a pull request.

Option 2 - Work on your own Fork

For more complex contributions, like guest posts and new features, you should work on the project on your local system.

First, fork this repo on Github.

git clone <your-forked-repo>
npm install
npm run dev

git checkout -b my-fix
# fix some code...

git commit -m "fix: corrected a typo"
git push origin my-fix

Lastly, open a pull request on Github. Once merged, your changes will automatically be deployed to the live site via the CI/CD pipeline.

Running the Site

First, install Hugo.

git clone <fireship-repo>

npm install

npm run dev

Visit localhost:1313 and you should be live. You do not need the web components for general content development, but they can be built with:

cd components && npm install
npm run build

Contribute a Post

Read the style guide for some tips before contributing.

cd hugo
hugo new -k bundle lessons/angularfire-google-oauth
hugo new snippets/

Add Your Bio

First time? Add your bio and social links to content/contributors.

Web Component Development

Interactive features are built with Angular Elements web components in components/


Content Designed for Developer Happiness


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