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Astro Plugin Template

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npm init astro -- --template astro-community/plugin-template

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Project Structure

Inside of your Astro project, you'll see the following folders and files:

├── demo/
│   ├── public/
│   └── src/
│       └── pages/
│           └── index.astro
└── packages/
    └── my-plugin/
        ├── index.js
        └── package.json

This project uses workspaces to develop a single package, @example/my-plugin.

It also includes a minimal Astro project, demo, for developing and demonstrating the plugin.


All commands are run from the root of the project, from a terminal:

Command Action
npm install Installs dependencies
npm run start Starts local dev server at localhost:3000
npm run build Build your production site to ./dist/
npm run serve Preview your build locally, before deploying

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Astro Plugin Template


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