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This is the repository for exploring the relationship between norovirus outbreaks and weather parameters - Temperature and Precipitation in 18 U.S. States from 2000-2018. The norovirus outbreak data is limited to person-to-person transmission related outbreaks.

R source code is contained within Merged_data.rmd file.

Following R packages needs to installed prior to running the code:

  • tidyverse (for data transformation)
  • vroom (for reading multiple csv files)
  • MASS (for data description)
  • broom (for converting regression output to tables)
  • glmmTMB (for Negative binomial regression)
  • geofacet (for creating map layout)
  • sf (dependency pacakage for geofacet)
  • gt (for generating table)
  • scales (scaling values)
  • janitor (for cleaning column names)

The raw data sources include:

  • National Outbreak Reporting System
  • National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration
  • Population data CDC wonder database



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