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The source for the Trino community website available at

The site uses Jekyll and markdown. It is hosted on Netlify.

Build and run locally

In general, you need Ruby, gems, Bundler, Jekyll, and Netlify Dev.

Detailed steps for macOS follow below. Similar commands work for various Linux distributions.

macOS initial setup

Install Ruby in Homebrew:

brew install ruby

Add Homebrew Ruby in front of system Ruby:


Install bundler:

gem install bundler

Install gems for site:

bundle install

Install Netlify CLI:

brew install netlify-cli

Run server

Run server using Netlify Dev:

netlify dev

With the server running you can access the site on http://localhost:8888.

Additional notes

Verify pages render correctly on phone

You can run the server on your computer and then verify the pages render correctly on a phone. There are two ways to do that:

  • Access the IP address of your computer on your local network from your phone.

  • Run netlify dev --live to create a publically accessible tunnel that can be accessed from anywhere over the internet.

View future posts

Posts with future dates do not normally render. You can override the default Jekyll invocation to add the --future option to see these.

netlify dev -c 'bundle exec jekyll serve --future'


Trino website


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