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Detect credit card exposures with Bro

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Credit Card Exposure

Detect credit card numbers in HTTP and SMTP with Bro. This script only works with Bro 2.4+.


Bro Package Manager

bro-pkg refresh
bro-pkg install sethhall/credit-card-exposure

Alternate Manual Installation

cd <prefix>/share/bro/site/
git clone git://
echo "@load credit-card-exposure/scripts/" >> local.bro

After the credit-card-exposure module is loaded, follow the configuration examples below.


The only interesting configuration available for users is for log redaction. The default is conservative to avoid creating more sensitive data so notices and logs are redacted by default. If you would like to change this setting, you can add the following line to your local site configuration script after loading the module:

redef CreditCardExposure::redact_log = F;


Detect credit card exposures with Bro



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