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Alternative Haskell Infrastructure for Nixpkgs

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haskell.nix is infrastructure for building Haskell packages with Nix

haskell.nix can automatically translate your Cabal or Stack project and its dependencies into Nix code.


Help! Something isn't working

The #1 problem that people have when using haskell.nix is that they find themselves building GHC. This should not happen, but you must follow the haskell.nix setup instructions properly to avoid it. If you find this happening to you, please check that you have followed the getting started instructions and consult the corresponding troubleshooting section.

The troubleshooting documentation also contains some help for other common issues. Please give it a read before asking on IRC or opening an issue.

If you're still stuck, join the #haskell.nix channel on, or open an issue.

Related repos

The haskell.nix repository contains the runtime system for building Haskell packages in Nix. It depends on other repos, which are:

  • nix-tools — provides the programs for generating Nix expressions from Haskell projects.

  • hackage.nix — the latest contents of the Hackage databases, converted to Nix expressions.

  • stackage.nix — all of the Stackage snapshots, converted to Nix expressions.

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Alternative Haskell Infrastructure for Nixpkgs

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