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Regression Tests for the Radare2 Reverse Engineer's Debugger

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Radare2 Regression Test Suite

A set of regression tests for Radare2 (

Originally based on work by and now in collaboration with pancake.

Directory Hierarchy

  • new/: New testsuite written in NodeJS.
  • unit/: Unit tests (written in C, using minunit).
  • bins/: Sample binaries.


  • Radare2 installed (and in $PATH or set the R2 environment).
  • Valgrind (optional).
  • nodeJS 8 or above


  • To run all tests, use make -k all.
  • To execute only the unit tests use make -k unit_tests
  • To execute only the regressions tests use make -k js-tests
  • To execute and autofix a specific set of test use node bin/r2r.js -i db/XXXX/YYYY, this will provide a dialog in which you can ask the program to replace the expected output with the current output of radare2

Failure Levels

A test can have one of the following results:

  • success: The test passed, and that was expected.
  • fixed: The test passed, but failure was expeced.
  • broken: Failure was expected, and happened.
  • failed: The test failed unexpectedly. This is a regression.

Reporting Radare2 Bugs

Please do not post Radare2 bugs on the r2-regressions github tracker. Instead use the official r2 tracker:

Writing Assembly tests

Example tests for db/asm/*:

General format:
type "assembly" opcode [offset]

		* a stands for assemble
		* d stands for disassemble
		* B stands for broken
		* E stands for cfg.bigendian=true

		Some architectures are going to assemble an instruction differently depending
		on the offset it's written to. Optional.

a "ret" c3
d "ret" c3
a "nop" 90 # Assembly is correct
dB "nopppp" 90 # Disassembly test is broken

You can merge lines:

adB "nop" 90

acts the same as

aB "nop" 90
dB "nop" 90

    The filename is very important. It is used to tell radare which architecture to use.


x86_32 means -a x86 -b 32
    arm_v7_64 means what it means

Writing JSON tests

The JSON tests db/new/json are executed on 3 standard files (1 ELF, 1 MachO, 1 PE). The tests need to be working on the 3 files to pass.

Commands tests

Example commands tests for the other new/ folders:

pd 4
        ;-- main:
        ;-- entry0:
        ;-- func.100001174:
        0x100001174      55             Push rbp
        0x100001175      4889e5         Mov  rbp, rsp
        0x100001178      4157           Push r15
  • NAME is the name of the test, it must be unique
  • FILE is the path of the file used for the test
  • ARGS (optional) are the command line argument passed to r2 (e.g -b 16)
  • CMDS are the commands to be executed by the test
  • EXPECT is the expected output of the test

You must end the test by adding RUN keyword


  • Never use shell pipes, use ~
  • dont use pd if not necessary, use pi


The test files are licensed under GPL 3 (or later).

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Regression Tests for the Radare2 Reverse Engineer's Debugger

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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