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The Flux website and user documentation

Home Page:https://fluxcd.io

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This repo houses the assets used to build the Flux project's landing page at https://fluxcd.io.

Note: The sources for some of Flux's documentation are housed in other repositories within https://github.com/fluxcd. Documentation issues and pull requests should be made against those repos.

Project Docs Site Github Source
Flux https://fluxcd.io/docs https://github.com/fluxcd/website
Flagger https://docs.flagger.app https://github.com/fluxcd/flagger
Flux (legacy) https://fluxcd.io/legacy/flux https://github.com/fluxcd/website
Helm Operator https://fluxcd.io/legacy/helm-operator/ https://github.com/fluxcd/website

How to modify this website

Please review our Contributor docs to better understand how to run and modify this site.

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The Flux website and user documentation


License:Apache License 2.0


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