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Getting Started

To start developing on this project simply bring up the Docker setup:

docker-compose up --build -d
docker-compose run application python manage.py migrate
docker-compose logs -f

Open your web browser at http://localhost (on a Linux host) or http://<docker-machine-ip-address> (on OS X and Windows), usually the IP address of the VirtualBox VM called default, to see the application you're developing. Log output will be displayed in the terminal, as usual.

Working with Docker

Create/destroy development environment:

docker-compose up -d    # create and start; omit -d to see log output
docker-compose down     # docker-compose kill && docker-compose rm -af

Start/stop development environment:

docker-compose start    # resume after 'stop'
docker-compose stop     # stop containers, but keep them intact

Other useful commands:

docker-compose ps       # list running containers
docker-compose logs -f  # view (and follow) container logs

See the docker-compose CLI reference for other commands.




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