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Cross-platform React Native application written in ClojureScript

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What is Luno?

Luno is a demo mobile application written in ClojureScript. It uses React Native, Reagent, Re-natal and a couple of React Native libraries, for example, awesome React Native Material Design.

It is just proof of concept, and main purpose of Luno is to demonstrate how to create reusable components, use Navigation Drawer, Navigator and NavigatorIOS, how to work with native libraries (it uses Material Dialogs for Android) and how to create apps indistinguishable from native Android or iOS apps.

Luno is not completed, more features are coming.


Android & iOS


Luno uses OpenWeatherMap API to load information about weather, and Bing Search API to load images. Both APIs require application IDs, but I don't mind of using my AppIDs (see src/luno/config.cljs for keys)

But these APIs have some limits — for example Bing API allows you to perform 5000 searches per month. In the case you don't see pictures or something works not the way you want it to work, please, obtain your own API keys and try running app again.

How to run

$ npm i
$ lein prod-build

Then run in iOS from xcode or android by react-native run-android

How to develop

Luno is based on re-natal 0.2.19+.

  1. Select your preferred android device
$ re-natal use-android-device real|avd|genymotion
  1. Start figwheel
$ re-natal use-figwheel
$ lein figwheel ios|android
  1. Run app from xcode (iOS) or react-native run-android

Please, refer to re-natal documentation for more information.

Future plans

  • Error handling and more responsive UI;
  • Experiments with Toolbar on Android (it is good idea to move Add field to Toolbar);
  • Pull to refresh to update weather;
  • Widgets (?)


  • Alexander Pantyukhov (@alwx)
  • Artūr Girenko (@drapanjanas)

Feel free to send pull request with any additions. And, of course, I am open for any suggestions for code style, architecture or UI.


Cross-platform React Native application written in ClojureScript

License:Eclipse Public License 1.0


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